I am a designer/maker who handcrafts functional, geometric bespoke projects using reclaimed timber for community spaces, independent organisations and individuals.

The wood I use is all either reclaimed from other local carpenters, or from Bristol’s not-for-profit wood recycling project. Working solely with these eco-friendly materials, I specialise in making both large scale outdoor planters, and fine, small indoor plant stands.

I believe strongly in the ability of plants to enhance both the natural environment and our well-being, particularly in urban landscapes. My work brings vegetation inside, and supports people to flourish and grow outside.

I am an incredibly hands-on, enthusiastic and determined individual. Particular interests in the exploration of bespoke sustainable schemes which aim to improve our communities and conservation areas within urban and rural environments. Bringing cultures, communities and wildlife together to improve spaces and provide inclusive training opportunities in the spaces we inhabit. Enjoy challenging team and individual incentives in & out of work that improve skills and knowledge of diverse subject matters.  Capable of working in any environment, with impeccable attention to detail.

This website is a fairly new addition into my freelance world as a Designer & Maker.  Please bare with me, while I add new projects and tell you about the world of my imagination and career as a maker.  More images of my work can be found on my instagram.