The Trio Collection has evolved from my fascination of geometry, the natural world and displaying magnificent indoor plants to their full potential.  Each piece has been developed and refined through diverse research and prototyping.  The stand came first, then the hanging platform and most recently the wall mount.  They all work as individual products but also all enhance each other as a Trio collection or multiples of one type.

All the wood is machined and hand crafted by myself in my workshop on Gloucester Road.  Various joints, screws, glue and plug dowels provide ultimate stability and aesthetics.  I designed plywood platforms that I laser-cut from off-cuts.  Natural hemp rope and raw organic Linseed oil are used to create a high-end finish, enhancing the beauty of the grain, being naturally tactile, while also protecting the wood.

Due to the nature of the reclaimed/off-cuts of hard wood these products are always one off items.

Please enquire about current stock and orders.  Custom orders also available.  Pots are also available as an addition.

The Stand > £120 (Removable platform included)

Hanging Platform >£120 (platform & hemp rope included)

Wall bracket available with Hanging Platform > £12

Wall Mount > £30 (Suitable screws & raw plugs included)


As part of decor at Wild & Well Festival 2018 in Bristol.

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